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So What is the meaning of the Word "Pinup"

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Miriam Webster's definition is:

I want to talk about the important part “A Person”, it does not define what kind of person being what color the skin is, what size the waist is, what age, or any other specifications.

The second portion is “Glamourous Qualities”? What exactly is considered glamorous? That is honestly in the eyes of the beholder and is a matter of opinion. What I find glamorous might not be so glamorous to you. You know Different strokes for Different Folks.

When the word pinup is used it is perceived in so many different negative or wrong ways.

#1 overly sexy or scantily clad: Nope Not It!! You can bet your sweet bootie you can be fully clothed and classy and still be considered Glamourous.

#2 defined by a specific era: Yep, Still not it, because pinup is not confined to a decade, there are modern pinups.

#3 Marilyn Monroe or Bettie Page- Oh so now we must be naked, and have it follow us through our lives as these 2 women suffered. (Open a book and read if you don’t understand). Yep, still not it.

The honest truth is, it can’t be narrowed down to any specifics. It is “A Person”, so you the very reader get your Glamourous self together and let’s play pinup.

Enter into the dark side with a mini rant if you choose to read any further: Don't say I didn't warn ya!

Now side note: Kimmi Lynn’s definition of pinup in my eyes is- this is just a form of cosplay and we do it for fun, we are not out to impress anyone, but instead just to show our sassy side and be around others that enjoy it just as much as us. AND THAT INCLUDES EVERYONE!!! From experience, I have been thinnish, thick, and currently thickest (like I like my milkshake). I’ve been doing this as a young woman and now as a middle-aged woman (Like a well-aged wine).

Through my many years, I’ve had my name drug throw the mud time and time again, but yet I have stood strong and supported anyone that is a good kind “Person” (Oh look that word again). Every time standing up wipe my tears of anger away and brushing my shoulder off, moving on to bigger and better things never looking back. But please remember, I may be old, but I remember who did what to me.

I’ve been accused of being a bully, a gatekeeper, and now apparently a “skinny girl hater”. All to which I give the accusers the middle finger. If you know me, I love everyone as long as you are a good person.

Pinup is an attitude, Pinup is a celebration of people, pinup is a way to express yourself, pinup is a proud community that will support good kind people (Oh look that word that refers to multiple persons).

Pinup is my life, I live, eat, and breathe it. The fact that I get to do this daily in some form or another is done with huge gratitude to those that support me now and have supported me in the past and will support me in the future and feel the same way I do the majority of the time. Cause sometimes your girl is wrong on things from time to time, but at least I’ll admit it.

To read a little more on this head over to our other blog and have a read.

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