Common questions

I WOULD LIKE MORE INFO/ I WOULD LIKE TO BOOK A SESSION?  If you are interested in booking a pinup/boudoir session please send us a message through our Contact Us tab.    Please let us know exactly what you are looking for.  We generally respond within 48 hours. 


  • -All packages include complimentary digital edits of varying amount depending upon the session package.   (Please note, Gem City does not offer gallery review, all images and editing rights are reserved to Gem City Pin Up Photography, please review our investment tab for more info).     If you are interested in purchasing prints, you can purchase images directly from the gallery and they will be delivered directly to you.

  • -All packages include one on one posing with a set amount of session time, this varies depending on special or package options. 

  • Use of basic studio wardrobe garments. We have a large wardrobe available size S-4xl, we do not guarantee to have all styles in all sizes, so this is an option that needs to be discussed ahead of time to make sure your day goes flawlessly.   (please see below for what to bring for more details)

WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY A RETAINER/DEPOSIT?  Your deposit guarantees your session spot reservation. Your deposit will be applied to your total package amount the day of your session.   Please note all retainers/deposits are non refundable!!  We have to insure studio cost/provided accessory cost are covered.   Retainer/Deposit amounts vary depending on services and packages.  This will be invoiced at time of booking and must be paid with in 24 hours of booking. 

WHAT CAN I DO TO PREPARE?   Weeks leading up to your session prep: UP YOUR WATER IN TAKE. This will help get rid of any bloating you may have, clear and hydrate your skin, evening out any dryness you might have. Moisturizer and exfoliate your skin. Face, legs, arms, bootay, everything!. Shaving/Waxing: If you're going to shave , shave 1-2 days before or the morning of. Don't feel like you have to. Body hair is completely normal and it's personal preference! You can come to your shoot as hairy or as shaved as you want If you do decide to shave make sure you are exfoliating to prevent razor burn/bumps. If you are wanting to get a wax, I would probably try getting it done 5-7 days before your shoot. If your skin is sensitive you could have some redness that would be hard to edit out and bring attention to those areas but again, don't feel like you have to! . Tanning: If you are planning on tanning I would recommend not doing a self tanner, unless you do them often and are a pro GO FOR IT, but instead see about getting one done professionally. You don't have to get a tan but if you want one I'm here for it, girl. Do what you wanna do! And if you do have it professionally done, I'd say probably another 5-7 days that way it has time to set and look more natural.  Hyping yourself up: I'm serious when I say this. Put on one of your outfits and slap on a bold lip and dance around to your favorite music in front of the mirror. Strike a few poses and practice your sexy face. I promise it will help get your ready for the big day! During your shoot, I will continue to be your personal hype girl because you deserve it! . Day before prep: STRETCH, but not too much. During your session you will be moving around a lot and posing in ways that will make you very sore if you don't stretch, but don't stretch too much so you're not sore prematurely. Continue to drink lots of water! (Optional.) A fresh mani/pedi goes a long way and gives your photos a boost! Even a simple color done by you is fine! Shave night before of morning of (again, personal preference).  Day Of Prep: Wake up a little bit extra early to give yourself time to EAT and (if you're doing your own hair and make up) more time to get ready so you're not rushing and feeling overwhelmed. Don't wear tight clothing to your shoot, like your bra and underwear for example. You can go commando if you want, whatever you need. Tight clothing will leave marks on your body and make it hard to edit out and hide with some of the outfits you bring! If you have any songs that really hype you up that you wanna hear during your shoot, SEND THEM TO ME. I'd love to add them to the Playlist for your shoot

WHAT SHOULD I BRING WITH ME?   For all sessions you will need to bring undergarments, stockings and shoes (we do have a small selection of shoes, but to guarantee fitment, please bring you own).  If you package does not include wardrobe you will be required to provide your own.   If you have any questions about where to find items needed please reach out, we have plenty of amazing resources and recommendations.

CAN I BRING A FRIEND?  (Please note, due to Covid, we are limiting guest in studio at this time).  Please let us know ahead of time who will be accompanying you. We are following strict rules and sanitary protocols.  Our main goal is ensure your safety along with ours.   Any guest will be subject to filling out our standard Covid Waiver.

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO RECIEVE MY DIGITAL IMAGES? We deliver your digital edits via a private gallery with in 3 weeks of your session (special events may take longer, you will be notified at time of booking).  You will receive an email with link along with print release.  Please note images are only hosted for 90 days in your private gallery, so please make sure to download and save in a safe place.  ***After these 90 days we are not responsible for providing digital images.   If you need your images sooner, we do have a rush fee, but the soonest we can guarantee is 7 day turn around.  If you need the images for a rush, please indicate at the time of booking. 

 ABOUT US? While pinup is about empowering women, it is often scary to take that leap for the first time. That is where we come in.  Gem City Pin-Up Photography is more than a photo studio, we are more like a pinup academy.  We will help you on your journey from start to finish, from wardrobe help, to one on one posing with tips and tricks you can take with you to help your selfie game become that much stronger.


Our private studio is located in a 1000 sq ft pinup lady cave.  We offer  a large wardrobe for your use for that perfect look, custom photo sets and props to add that special pop to your images.   


Want something unique? We offer on-location photo sessions at your location of choice.  Do you have a dream photo shoot idea, let's make it happen.

Photographer/Studio Manager for Gem City, Kimmi has years of modeling experience. Kimmi has been involved in the local pinup community for 10+ years and is a strong advocate for keeping the traditional pinup style alive and thriving.

CAN I BRING A MUAH ARTIST WITH ME FOR MY SESSION?  Short and sweet answer is NO, due to lots of complicated Ohio laws, we simply do not allow this. 

Gem City Pin Up Photography is located in a private 1000 Sq Ft studio space.  Our private studio is located with in a large warehouse environment surrounded by all kind of artisans.  The warehouse we are located in is 100+ years old, with lots of Dayton history tied to it.  This makes for many out of studio unique photo opportunities.   While the building is heated, in the winter it can get cold, as we have floor to ceiling original windows.  In the summer, as you can guess it does get a little warm.  So make sure to dress accordingly.  

Parking-  Please note the below diagram of the parking area.  This is area is first come first serve and often full, if so please use over flow lot on Davis.  Call the phone number provided on your invoice when you arrive so we may meet you at the side door to allow you.