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Quick Tips for Building a Model Portfolio

Here is a quick overview of how to start a model photo portfolio.

***Disclaimer- I am no expert, but I've done my time both as a model and photog and have learned a thing or two. Teehee

1st- Think Quality- Let’s face it when trying to build a portfolio, cell phone images are not acceptable. (I see you Facebook models trying to charge insane rates with shitastic photos). Yep, I said, and it will ruffle feathers, but the truth hurts. When first starting out, you will have to pay to work with high-end photographers, while new photographers are great and often free, make sure you are putting out only high-caliber work. If you desire a certain look, make sure you find a photographer that specializes in that look. Make sure the first few images on your portfolio are strong amazing images. Why?? Because we as humans are lazy, we don’t have time to scroll through endless profiles, you grab the attention right away you are more likely to get the jobs.

2nd-Diversity- Show that you are more than just a pretty face, show you can do more than one style of modeling. Now if you are looking to stay in a small niche genre tailor your images to that. I personally just stuck to vintage style, but I could easily jump into a high fashion environment if I had to, which I’ve been known to grace a fashion show runway or two. LOL.

3rd- Keep your portfolio current! An example, if you change your hair color, get new headshots. Why, because if I am paying a model, I do not want a surprise that was not planned for. Be upfront with any interested parties that might book you.

4th- Networking- Build relationships with others that have the same interest. This will help you in the long run. Others with the same interest can warn or advise you of people to avoid, or the opposite, people to work with. But do this in a genuine way. Both as a model and photog, I know from personal experience, we can spot a fake a mile away. Not being genuine is the quickest way to be blacklisted. Okay, but how does this impact my photo portfolio? Simple, the community is small, we all know each other’s work. As a person that reviews model portfolio’s when choosing models to work with, I can point out most people's work. This tells me the kind of time and investment the model has in putting the best work forward.

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