I want to discuss a huge new thing in the pinup community, the number of publications available for both models and photographers. Coming from the old school days of just a few choices, I am so happy to see the genre continue to expand and grow.

With so many options out there, I often get asked “Which publication, should I send my images to?” The short answer is “It is your choice, I can’t make that choice for you”.

What are some of the publications we recommend!! (Pinup specific)

We are a partner studio with the amazing Rocket Magazine!! Why did we choose Rocket to partner with? This is the easiest answer, Quality, Quality, Quality. Back to being an old-school pinup, this publication reminds me so much of my time long long ago (7 years ago to be exact) LOL. Articles, Bio’s, Event coverage. It is just not a picture book (there is nothing wrong with picture books), I just prefer a little more when I am purchasing a publication. I love the layouts, my fellow partner photographers, the editors. Just everything about this publication makes my heart happy. Oh, and did I mention the quality!! Teehee

Now, there are many more options out there. Bombshell (International Publication), RetroLovely, and all of their side brands (ran by an amazing group that is helping revive the pinup culture), Pinup Kulture (this was my first big publication as a model, so it is near and dear to my heart). And we cannot forget about some of the new up-and-coming titles we love. Chica Boom, (adorable and