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2024 Studio Update and Policy Updates

With a new year and continued growth comes the need for a few more policies and updates to some dated ones. We are just trying to best serve all our clients to make the session times, gallery delivery, and after-session experience as smooth as possible.

Booking- we will be extending our schedule to a 2-month window, so booking in advance will be easier. We hope this helps some of our out-of-state clients with being able to plan ahead.

Packages- We will be working on a package plan for all sessions, we will no longer have separate sets listed out. See the list of our packages below, this will be our 2024 Pricing. We will be sticking to this policy, so please if you need any exceptions ask for pricing for add-ons such as additional wardrobe looks, MUAH changes, etc.

Photo Release- Photo releases will be added to every completed gallery, we have been lenient on some policies but going forward we just have to follow our own rules. This will be updated to include rights to publications, we spend countless hours filling out releases for publication. All publication rights must be discussed at the time of the session, otherwise, these rights will be denied, or a small fee will be asked at the time of completion of release. WE WILL BE 100% enforcing the personal use policy, meaning, the images are to be shared only on social media and not used for any kind of monetary gain. We have seen clients using GCPU photos without permission in such things as calendars for sale for self-benefit and charity benefits. You need a special release to legally use the images. If you would like images for commercial use, please email ahead to discuss pricing. If you already have the image please email for permissions and pricing.

Session Payments- we will continue to require an upfront retainer as we have, but all sessions are to be paid in full at the time of the session. If an invoice is needed to be sent to complete payment for a later date, we will be adding a 10% fee.

  • We can offer payment plans leading up to your session after the deposit is paid if you would like. Please just email us to arrange this payment plan.

Late Arrival- As we get busier or the schedule gets tighter. We will be requiring a late fee if you are more than 5 minutes late. Please remember your scheduled time is the time you scheduled on set, or in MUAH!! So please try to arrive 10 minutes early, earlier than 15 minutes we will ask you to wait until 10 minutes before before reaching out. Our take fee will be $50 up to 15 minutes late, after 15 minutes you will forfeit your retainer and need to rebook.

We really are excited for what 2024 has in store, fun events, sets and meeting new pinup.s

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