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Pinup Photo Shoot Prep 101

Pinup Photo Shoot Preparation!! The Day Before and Day of!!

So you are either here because you took the plunge and booked a pinup photo session or you are seriously considering it (If you have not DO IT). Now you are wondering what the heck to expect!! “What do I do, what do I bring, what do I need, what do I….. OMG, this is too overwhelming!!!!!!!!!!!” No fear We are here to answer all your questions, and if you are not able to find the answer in this blog, just send us a quick message, we would be more than happy to help.

First and foremost!! Relax, Relax, Relax. I know it can be nerve-wrecking, but I promise, if you have never been in our studio, we are the most relaxed crazy people you will ever be around. (And we like it that way). Now that you are relaxed, let’s get your bag packed to bring with you.

1. Wardrobe- make sure you have tried on your outfit choice/choices before arriving to assure fit and style. Make sure your outfit is clean and wrinkle-free. **If you chose to use studio wardrobe please let us know ahead of time so we can discuss available garment pieces.

2. Under Garments- Yep, the naughty things. Teehee- Bra’s, panties and stockings Oh My!! If you are wearing a dress or not doing a lingerie shoot, make sure the undergarments fit proper and do not leave lines under your outfit, or show bra straps. If you are deciding to be a little more daring and go full lingerie, make sure fit is to your liking. (Be on the look out for a future right up about brands we love and recommend for pinup).

3. Shoes- Ladies, this is the one area I always tell people to splurge on themselves. Get that pair of sexy heels you have had sitting in your Amazon cart for the last 12 months. Just do it!!! You are worth it. Shoes can pull together and outfit like a cherry on top. (okay, I will admit, I have a shoe problem myself, I LOVE THEM.)

4. Accessories- Jewelry, hair flowers, petti coat, and props. These are the things that give your over all look the final pop.

Your bag is packed now what!! Well what about prepping your physical person for the shoot. We will go over 2 scenarios here, #1 will be Studio Stylist will be doing your Make Up and Hair, #2 will be You will be arriving ready to shoot.

***For all, In the days leading up, pamper yourself if you’re into that kind of thing, get your nails and a pedi done. But do not, and I repeat do not, go tanning or get a spray tan at least a week before your shoot. Trust me, I know from experience myself, yep I did it myself (smacks my own hand “Bad Model”), you will not be happy and worried about it the whole time. (In general, it is not noticeable, but for your sanity, just don’t do it)

1. Studio Stylist are your personal glam squad. The night before or morning of, take a nice relaxing hot shower or better yet soak in the tub. But DO NOT WASH THAT HAIR!!!!!!! Yesterdays filth is your gift of volume and style hold to our stylist. Teeheee. (Schedule your regular hair washing plans to allow 1 day before.) The day of your shoot make sure you face is washed and make up free, it is okay to apply a light moisturizer. Wear loose fitting clothing and dress for the outside weather, or if you choose you can bring a robe to change into for the process. (Tight fitting close leave unflattering marks on the skin that can take up to an hour to not see. Last thing you want is your skinny jean imprint on your legs). Now the best part!! That is it, let us do the rest. Easy Peasy!! Our glam squad uses amazing products that are made to make you camera ready, including makeup, hair products, lashes, etc. They cut zero corners when it comes to quality and cleanliness. While this service is an add on, the small cost is worth it when it comes to relieving the stress and anxiety for the day. Just sit back and enjoy. We 100% guarantee laughter and shenanigans with this service. ** Please note services must be scheduled ahead of time, at the time of your bookings as we coordinate with licensed stylist who work in salons.

2. You are arriving Make up and Hair Ready to Shoot- This means, you arrive ready to put on your outfit and hop in the set and do the damn thing. LOL. But what can you do ahead of time to prepare? The simple answer practice, practice and practice leading up to the day. Practice that hair style you want, the make up look you are wanting. Practice makes perfect so the day of you, you are feeling confident in achieving the look you are wanting. Start early!! What took you 15 minutes to achieve yesterday will take you an hour the morning of, because sometimes the hair gods are not nice to us. (Secret, it happens to me all the damn time). Please make sure that you are Make Up and Hair is complete before walking in the studio for your time slot. We will allow time for putting on lipstick (because, wearing it all morning just sucks) but anything other time wise will have to be taken from your session time. If you do require one of our glam team to assist with small hair or make up items, there may be a small fee at the time of the service.

For other Tips and Suggestions Read our other blogs, they are full of info that is designed to help.

For my info for Questions and Answers visit our Q&A Page.

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