Pinup Photo Shoot Prep 101

Pinup Photo Shoot Preparation!! The Day Before and Day of!!

So you are either here because you took the plunge and booked a pinup photo session or you are seriously considering it (If you have not DO IT). Now you are wondering what the heck to expect!! “What do I do, what do I bring, what do I need, what do I….. OMG, this is too overwhelming!!!!!!!!!!!” No fear We are here to answer all your questions, and if you are not able to find the answer in this blog, just send us a quick message, we would be more than happy to help.

First and foremost!! Relax, Relax, Relax. I know it can be nerve-wrecking, but I promise, if you have never been in our studio, we are the most relaxed crazy people you will ever be around. (And we like it that way). Now that you are relaxed, let’s get your bag packed to bring with you.

1. Wardrobe- make sure you have tried on your outfit choice/choices before arriving to assure fit and style. Make sure your outfit is clean and wrinkle-free. **If you chose to use studio wardrobe please let us know ahead of time so we can discuss available garment pieces.

2. Under Garments- Yep, the naughty things. Teehee- Bra’s, panties and stockings Oh My!! If you are wearing a dress or not doing a lingerie shoot, make sure the undergarments fit proper and do not leave lines under your outfit, or show bra straps. If you are deciding to be a little more daring and go full lingerie, make sure fit is to your liking. (Be on the look out for a future right up about brands we love and recommend for pinup).

3. Shoes- Ladies, this is the one area I always tell people to splurge on themselves. Get that pair of sexy heels you have had sitting in your Amazon cart for the last 12 months. Ju