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Let’s Talk Crinolines/Petticoats!!

What is a Crinoline/Petticoat- this is a staple item in any pinups wardrobe. The garment is designed to give support and shape to skirts and dresses.

History of Petticoats- Petticoats have been fashionable throughout history dating back the 1500’s. Early petti coats were used in cold climates to help protect against frostbite. The modern petticoat we think of today did not become popular until 1947, thanks to the designs of Dior!! Many hollywood powerhouse ladies: Grace Kelly, Doris Day and Dinah Shore were often seen dressed with petticoats. And as all good everyday ladies of the day did, they followed the Hollywood trends.

Petticoats today- With the pinup and rockabilly scene becoming ever so popular many companies that sell dresses and fashions are now offering their own line on petticoats/crinoline. While some entice with a low price point other charge crazy prices for a subpar piece of tulle. Ladies I have fallen victim to this myself. A simple quality petticoat can take a dress from lovely to Wowza. If you are looking for a quality piece I simply suggest Malco Modes. Why Malco? Malcos Modes has been around making these garments since the 1940’s, that is why if you are lucky enough to find a vintage petticoat chances are it is a Malco. So you can guarantee they know what they are doing. They offer many lengths and materials to complete a well-polished look.

So what is so great about Malco? Quality, poof (yes that is what I call it) for the buck and styles and shapes offered.

My favorite go to Pettis are:

The Jennifer- if you want a fluffy look that is not scratchy or itchy, this knee length chiffon Petti is perfect. This is my go to petti on a hot steamy summer day. The Michelle- The fullest of the full. This petti is made of tulle, layers, and layers of tulle. It is lined with a soft bottom layer to protect the legs for the scratchy top layers. This petti is not for the faint at heart, it commands lots of room while walking. Driving well, that is a science you will learn to master. This is my go to Pinup Contest Petticoat. It makes a powerful statement and demands to be seen!

Check the link below out to see our favorites and recommendations.

Malcos Modes can also be found on Amazon, but not listed by the names. So make sure to read the description before ordering.

This is just my personal opinion, and I am not a paid spokesperson. Teeeheee.

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Kimmi Lynn

Gem City Pinup photography

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