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Pinup Photo Shoot 101 Part 2

Pinup Photo Shoot Preparation!! What to Wear!

So you are either here because you took the plunge and booked a pinup photo session or you are seriously considering it. Now you are wondering what the heck to expect!! “What do I do, what do I bring, what do I need, what do I…..WEAR OMG, this is too overwhelming!!!!!!!!!!!” No fear We are here to answer all your questions, and if you are not able to find the answer in this blog, just send us a quick message, we would be more than happy to help.

When considering what to wear for your shoot, you need to decide what style you are looking for. We will break down a few of the most popular looks.

1. Cheese Cake Circle Dress Delight- This is my personal favorite. This look is more 1950’s style, think sock hop and June Clever. Fluffy Petti Coats and circle dresses and skirts. This classic look is often though of the more sweet and innocent style, but don’t let that fool you. You can be anything but sweet and innocent.

2. Wiggle that Wiggle Dress - Oh so curve fitting and flattering on all body types. This is more of the modern style pinup we know and love today. This can be sweet and sultry or bad girl. Rock those dangerous curves and do not look back.

3. Rockabilly Bad Ass- This is your tight cigarette pants, or high waisted shorts and a crop top look. Paired with a sky high pair of stiletto’s, you will be a greasers dream. Pair this style with a hot rod, motor cycle or even our Garage girl set and bring our your inner bad ass.

4. Daring Dame- Wear that vintage inspired bullet bra, paired with the perfect garter belt and sexy stockings. This is a look that is timeless. Bettie Page made living wearing nothing but her undies, why shouldn’t you.

Now where do you buy these looks?

Here a few links to just a few pieces that every pinup should have in their wardrobe.

For other Tips and Suggestions Read our other blogs, they are full of info that is designed to help.

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