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Pinup Contest Prep

Ladies it is that time of year, the car shows are jumping off, events are coming back from Covid Hell. And this all means Pin Up Contest are back!!! Sweet Baby Jesus, thank you lort!!

We are going to focus on the most common style and my favorite! Car Show Pin Up Contest. These are usually hosted by people (local pinups, car clubs, and small business) with in the local community as an opportunity for new and old frans to get together and celebrate something they love. These contest are usually laid back and just about having fun.

So how do you prepare for a pinup contest?

1. Research the event, if this is a repetitive event, (this is probably because it is a good event) but check out the last year’s event. This will help you better prep and know what you are getting into. Events styles can very from, car show rockabilly style, to true vintage classics.

2. Plan out your look or theme- decide on the look you are going for and now the fun part, it is time to go shopping or crafting. If you are going for a theme, spend time thinking out accessories that will pull the whole look together. You will want the theme to be obvious from 25 feet away (That is generally the distance the judges are from the contest). Take time to find the perfect outfit. *** If ordering online, make sure to leave plenty of time for you to try the look on and possibly return for a different size.

3. Shoes- This is one of the most important things to consider. Where is the event being held? If a grassy field, don't think about wearing 4-inch stilettos. Trust me you will regret it. Find a cute wedge that will be good for walking around in, I’m a huge advocate for bringing a pair of flats for the remainder of the event.

4. Night before the event, prep your look, make sure you clean, iron or what ever is needed to make that outfit look on point. Gather everything you will need to get yourself ready in the morning, don’t be like me and forget that you didn’t get the lash glue that you went to the store to get and got side tracked by cute other stuffs. Pack a small emergency bag. I always packed an extra outfit, just in case someone wore the same dress. Pack in that bag, sunscreen, make up wipes, hair spray, bobby pins, snacks water, the kitchen sink, cause lort knows, you or someone else might need it.

5. Day of prep- if you know you need leave by noon to get to the event on time, plan to leave at 11am. Why? Because the day of nothing will ever goes as planned, you eyeliner wont match, you hair wont style, you dress zipper might break (all of these have happened to me multiple times). Have some one there to help you remember all the things, trust me you will forget them. Nerves are a bitch. TEEEHEEE.

6. What to do when you get to the event- Socialize, socialize, and socialize. Get to know the other ladies, trust me they are just as nervous as you. You can be each other’s biggest cheerleaders. I have met many amazing friends at contest.

7. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE: HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once you can see past that bundle of nerves, you should just kick back and enjoy the event. Most pinup contest are about having fun and supporting the event they are hosted at. Take it all in!!

I have did my time on the pinup contest circuit. I look back with fond memories and now have the honor of hosting contest that I once competed in. Passing the Tiara is way sweeter than ever winning one. I am always an open book to answer questions, give suggestions or help in any way you may need. I am no expert, but I've been in the shoes from both sides. Teeeheee



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