Pinup Contest Prep

Ladies it is that time of year, the car shows are jumping off, events are coming back from Covid Hell. And this all means Pin Up Contest are back!!! Sweet Baby Jesus, thank you lort!!

We are going to focus on the most common style and my favorite! Car Show Pin Up Contest. These are usually hosted by people (local pinups, car clubs, and small business) with in the local community as an opportunity for new and old frans to get together and celebrate something they love. These contest are usually laid back and just about having fun.

So how do you prepare for a pinup contest?

1. Research the event, if this is a repetitive event, (this is probably because it is a good event) but check out the last year’s event. This will help you better prep and know what you are getting into. Events styles can very from, car show rockabilly style, to true vintage classics.