Pinup Contest Part 2

The big day is finally here!! EVERYBODY PANIC!!!!!!!!! No really don’t!!

So, you have prepared all of your things for the contest, the outfit is planned, the hair is on point, along with the perfect eye liner (Okay, who am I kidding, something always goes wrong. But that is okay, because this will happen to ever last one of the contestants, you will not be alone).

No need to panic, remember, even though the event is bases is around the word “contest”, it should never be about winning. The whole point behind these events is to bring like-minded beautiful people together to celebrate what they love. The true way to win is by making new friends, that will turn into last friendships for years to come. Seeing friends for far, being together with people who “Get You”. That is what winning is about.

Now that we have the moral of the story narrative out of the way, let’s get down to the fun stuff.

Arrival at the event- I know this advise is hard to follow but get there early!! Why you ask? Get familiar with the lay out of the event, this will help you navigate better when there is a time crunch. Plus, the event organizers love to see the pinup walking around. This time will also help you get to know your fellow contestants, (Hint, Hint, this is the time you make those friends).

Check in- Check in with the pinup event organizer, even if it is early, at least they will know you are there, just incase something happens and you loose track of time when it