Other Professional Services Explained

Behind the scenes professional services, the ones most often forgotten about.

I have done a post about the cost of photography services, but today I want to talk about the other professional services that are associated with our business model.

Make Up Artist- These individuals spend years, some even have college degrees, honing their skills and knowledge. On top of time, lets talk about the expense of products, have you been to Ulta lately? Shits expensive. While you can get away with some of the cheaper brands, it is generally on the side of caution to use the higher quality to guarantee bendability and help decrease any chances of allergies. On top of price, most artist are very conscious of buying ethical products, not what some YouTube diva tells them to buy. Now imagine having to buy all of your make up again, but than add making sure you have the availability of all skin tones, now you can see where things add up. We have talked about product, lets talk about brushes, other tools to keep things 100% sanitary (which being a clean freak is 100% in our lane), applicators, specialty tools (airbrush set up, etc), lashes. Setting spray and the list that goes on and on. So when you hear what a Make Up Artist rates are, please think about the skill, time and product it will take to get you that photo ready appearance. While you may do a great job yourself, makeup artist know which products look great on camera and which ones to skip (the highlighter, just a little goes a long way). Trust the professionals!!