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New Year Same Crap- The social media Delima

Why do we have to rely so much on social media?

I know I personally hate it and know it is one of my biggest downfalls as a small business owner. I know how to do it the “Way” it should be done, But I don’t want to be a pushy salesperson, and who has time. There are paid options out there to run a business on social media, but I’m cheap and I want to be able to keep my session prices affordable, so that is not an option. I genuinely just love to share the art that is created in our little studio. Do you feel you ever have to keep up with Jones with your social media platform?

While I’m deep diving into why I dislike social media, the number 1 reason is “Key Board Warriors”. You know those people that purposely go out of their way to make rude comments. 3 of the most common comments I get on my business social media business post are as follows:

1. She would like good if she didn’t have those tattoos or piercings

- How I feel, go sit the fuck down grandpa. If you don’t like tattoos and piercings go get yourself one of those old Playboy magazines and have your way with it. My post and photos are not posted for your spank bank material. Plus, I think piercings and tattoos are beautiful, and I wish I could have them myself.


2. Some Snarky Comments about a woman’s/person's weight or size.

- How I feel, seriously fuck off! But I have been known to dive a little deeper into the commenter and find that their spouse or significant other far from qualifies for what the commenter's beauty standards are. (Might have even sent a screenshot or two). Also, I just wanna say this “Pot Meet Kettle”. Again, if you don’t like it move along. All forms of the human body are beautiful and deserved to be seen.


3. Send to @somestupidperson for repost. (Insta specific)

- We all know these are bots and we can’t do anything to fucking stop them. Does anyone take it seriously anymore? They do nothing but hurt the corporate-made algorithm that must be followed just to get one simple post seen.

Next, why are there so many platforms, but they are all owned by the same business? Insta, Meta, and Facebook, are all the same. All have different community standards; all have different algorithms. Why can’t we just have one platform to post to and share with our friends, followers, and stalkers (You know who you are. Teeeheee)

Can we please just back to the good old days of MySpace when your biggest worry was about tending your plants and animals in Farmville!!!!!!

Anyways, here I am complaining and when in reality you are probably reading this blog because it was posted to social media, it’s a catch-22

. A cute Picture added for Social Media to Recognize this Blog as a Valid Blog

Seriously, we would love to hear comments and suggestions on what content you would like us to share more of.

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