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Happy 4th Birthday Gem City Pin Up Studio Space

Gem City Pin Up Thank You

We are getting ready to celebrate the 4 year anniversary of our current pinup studio space and 2 year anniversary of our boudoir space.

We could not have done this without You, our clients, friends, and followers. The studio motto has always been, “Come as a client, leave as a friend”, we stand behind this fully.

To my clients, I want to Thank you for putting your trust in GCPU to provide lasting memories. To my Friends, thanks for always being there for a good laugh, a listening ear, and kind words when I am feeling down. To my followers, thank you for liking, sharing, and supporting GCPU and the local pinup community.

Now for the biggest Thank You, that goes to my family. GCPU and Gem City Boudoir would not be possible if it wasn’t for my family. My biggest supporter and helper of all is my hubby, who is there throw all the crazy ideas, all the stress-filled times, all the great times. But most of all, his handyman works around the studio. (I suck with power tools). He supports my dreams and constantly pushes me to do bigger and Bader things. Next to my family, my kids, my son who is understanding of mommy working long nights and weekends, my daughter who is now assisting around the studio more and more. They are all true blessings.

2023 is looking to be a fantastic year, and it is only January!!! So here is a big ol’ Happy Birthday to the studio.

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