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Halloween Photo Shoot Prep and Wardrobe Ideas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and I will fight my Christmas-loving friends on this one. Teeeheee. The creepy comes out on August 1st and stays that way till October 31st, here at the studio. With so many set options coming, now is the time to plan your perfect look.

Before proceeding any further, this is all just my personal taste when it comes to the vision of Halloween photoshoots!! I have been known as the Queen of Halloween a few times. Muahahahahahahahaha!!!

When finding the right outfit, you need to decide if you are going scary, sexy, or cute.

Wardrobe Color- thing to consider is the background color, what color is the set you choose to shoot. If it is black like our witches set, try not to wear solid black. If you are shooting on our fall orange background color, wear all the black. “WHY!! Black is all the Halloween feels?”, the simple answer is you don’t want to blend into the set, you are the main focus, so be bold and stand out. Wear that purple and orange!! Or be daring and spice it up with “RED”rum!!!!

Fishnets- Yep, fishnets. Now, this is just an opinion and from my experience, when purchasing fishnets for a photoshoot, make sure you get the bigger weave pattern (industrial style is my personal go-to). “Again, WHY!!!”. Well, short answer, most Halloween sets are going to be dark in some fashion, so the more skin you can see through the fishnets will help make sure you have legs in the photo. LOL. Unless you want to look like a floating torso. While Fishnets are a Halloween staple, don’t be afraid to go with a traditional back seam stocking either.

Hair Color- Okay this is for wigs if you choose to wear one. Just like mentioned above, think about the background color. If you put black on black, what happens. Blending. While as a photographer, I know to add a rim light to separate you from the background, others may not. (Sorry, photog talk) So, consider going with a color option.

Costumes for photoshoots- Costumes can be great economical choices when trying to achieve the look you are going for, just make sure the costume is to the quality you would like it to be. Spend a few extra dollars for the deluxe version, trust me it is worth it. Not all costumes are created equal, I know from experience. LOL

Shoes- Okay, it is that time of year to find cute amazing shoes that are considered “Costume”, but dammit, they will work for everyday wear. GET THE SHOES!!

Accessories- This is what will help make your session stand out, that added something to make it more personal. Fun jewelry, caps, hats etc.

This is the MOST IMPORTANT advice!!!!!!! Just HAVE FUN!!! Halloween is a time of creating a character, being spooky, and celebrating.

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