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Every Day Is HALLOWEEN- Behind the madness of on the spot sessions.

Look us Halloween lovin' people think about our favorite time of year, year-round. And sometimes we have to let our freak flag fly!! One of the great things about being a photographer and having more wardrobe than I know what to do with it is just having an inspirational thought and rolling with it. Over the years I have collected many Halloween backdrops, props, and wardrobe choices that every day could be Halloween at the studio.

It's not secret, things have been tough for me recently, (mental health is a bitch), but that one thing that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside is spooky, creepy, dark, goth Halloween........ You get my point. LOL So I have been just creating things I want to create, Hence our WTF Wednesday special session you can book.

Just the other night, I sent out the Bat Signal to my model friends and friends for a last-minute shoot. I do this a lot if you have not noticed. The Amazing Ellie Camino Sapphire decided to roll the dice and see what was in my sick little brain. 1 quick phone call later, and only 2 hours to get ready, she showed up a the studio door makeup and hair ready. We pulled options out of the wardrobe until I got a look that I was feeling for the mood of the shoot. The outfit consisted of, fishnets, an amazing tulle robe made by Ravenbombshell, a fashion corset that we have on the shelf, and a few razzle-dazzle pieces we have around the studio.

From thought to session was 2 hours flat!! I love the results and want to play more with these ideas that I have in my head. Go BOOK A WTF session now!! Trust me!! I have so many ideas.

Speaking of Halloween stay tuned, we will be announcing booking dates for our new amazing set coming very, very soon.

Here is a fun before and after to show editing.

Do you have a theme or style you would like to see Gem City do? Comment and you might just inspire us.

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