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Don’t Let Another Woman’s Beauty Detract From Your Own

**Please note, unlike our other blogs, I will now use photos to enhance this blog. The words stated are the main focus.

There I said it, Never and I mean never compare yourself to someone else, Because, you are authentically beautiful. Meaning, no one else is like you, your beauty is yours, and yours only. Own that shit!!

I so often hear from women, “Oh I could never do that” followed by one of the following

  1. I’m not pretty enough (Umm Yes (clap) You (clap) Are (clap))

  2. I’m not thin enough (Umm Pinup has no rule book on weight or size, all body types/skin colors look amazing and beautiful)

  3. I’m too old (Okay, I'm just gonna stop you right there. You are never to old to do anything)

  4. I’m not that type of girl (You may not be now, but you won’t know if you don’t try)

  5. I’m not this or that in general (Again, yes you are)

Why do most people think any of the above, because in modern times we see images of “Perfect” people, and automatically compare ourselves? STOP DOING THIS!!!

The person you are comparing yourself to started out just like you!! Trust me on this. At one point they were clueless, but they took that hard leap of faith and did the damn thing. Once you decide to take the leap, you will find out quickly that Pinup is for you. The sense of confidence it gives you and the sense of pride in overcoming a mental hurdle is the biggest takeaways, besides having amazing pictures all your friends will admire while saying (One of the above).

Pinup is a lot like being an athlete. Practice makes perfect. But having a good coach is key (hint, hint, I’m your coach).

So the moral of the story is, everyone is right for pinup. Be authentically you and have fun while doing it!!

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