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Client Confidentiality!!

Client Confidentiality, this is one of the biggest things Gem City Pin Up sets as are #1 importance. A photo shoot should be a private thing for you and only you to share with whom you choose.

When you book with us, you can 100% count on us keeping your identity/images/info confidential. We will never share your photos/identy publicly, on social media or print with out your expressed consent. Every image you see on our social media, web page or used for promotional items, we get expressed consent for the model/client. This is why you may see the same models/clients used to represent our brand. (Trust me they are tired of me asking "Can I Use this Image".)

I have heard from a few concerned potential clients that have looked into other photographers’ requirements, that have stated the photographer states that images will be posted to social media and is this rule is written into the photographer’s contract. While not illegal, this is just not right. You are paying for the images; they should be handled in the way you see fit. This really makes me mad, both from the ex-model side and the photographer side. Client trust and privacy should always take precedents over social media likes and self-promotion for the photographer.

Now, on the flip side. I will never ask you to share their photos, unless I know you are 100% game (seriously, let me know), this is not because I don’t want the world to see your amazing photos, it’s because back the privacy thing, its #1. So, if you would like an image shared from a set, let us know at the time of the shoot. I will reach out once the gallery is sent to ask permission. We are always looking for new brand ambassadors. And we 100% stand behind our clients and our work.

So please know Gem City Pin Up is a safe place for all, we will protect your privacy and wishes. As a reformed model myself, I got your back!!



AKA Your Friendly Photographer Body Guard Person

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