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But I'm Not a Model!!

I hear this all the time and my reply is always, “Yes You Are!!”. The Webster's definition of model is “a three-dimensional representation of a person or thing or of a proposed structure”, well guess what, you are a person, so you are a model. Sounds to simple I know, but it is true.

As a “ex” model, I can assure you, anyone can do it. In the right hands and with the right artist (photographer), magic can happen. The process comes from learning from each other. As the photographer I believe is walking you through the process step by step, showing you and explaining why certain poses are most flattering. (Shhh!!! And here is a little secret, if it feels uncomfortable, It Looks AMAZING!!!) Additionally, I get the pleasure to learn from you, the model. The beautiful thing is no one is alike in how they model and pose, so we learn to take our strengths and build together as a team.

Prime example, Our very own Jenna, AKA Nikki Bombshell, who after only 3 sessions was honored by gracing the cover of RetroLovely this past July. When we first met, she said, “I’m not a model”, well guess what she was 100% wrong. Not only is she a talented make up artist, she is an amazing model and great friend.

So the moral of the story is change the “I’m not a Model” to “I am a Model” and gain the confidence you deserve.

Start your Journey today with Gem City Pin Up!!

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