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Boudoir Prep- How to prep for your Boudoir Shoot

First things first, Relax, this is supposed to be enjoyable. Take a little time for yourself and pamper yourself like you deserve. Now that you have ordered some sexy things to wear, or have decided on pieces from our client closet, here a few self-care tips.

Days leading up to your session prep:

-Up Your Water Intake: This will help get rid of any bloating you may have, clear and hydrate your skin, evening out any dryness you might have. Moisturizer and exfoliate your skin. Face, legs, arms, bootay, everything!

-Shaving/Waxing: If you're going to shave, shave 1-2 days before or the morning of. Don't feel like you have to. Body hair is completely normal and its personal preference! You can come to your shoot as hairy or as shaved as you want If you do decide to shave make sure you are exfoliating to prevent razor burn/bumps. If you are wanting to get a wax, I would probably try getting it done 5-7 days before your shoot. If your skin is sensitive, you could have some redness that would be hard to edit out and bring attention to those areas but again, don't feel like you have to!

-Tanning: (Okay this is a long one) Best advice, just don’t do it, but if you are planning on tanning I would recommend not doing a self-tanner, unless you do them often and are a pro GO FOR IT, but instead see about getting one done professionally. You don't have to get a tan and we highly recommend coming in the way you are, but if you want one, I'm here for it, girl. Do what you wanna do! And if you do have it professionally done, I'd say probably 5-7 days before your shoot at the latest that way it has time to set and look more natural. If you sneak and go the day before, we will know, trust me, the camera can’t hide the color of Cheeto. If the spray tan is uneven and bad, this could be costly in lots of ways. Our editing process does not include skin color correction, this takes hours per image and can get costly. If you spray you pay. Teeheee

Now, lets talk about tan lines, natural or fake, if they are visible, they will be visible in photos, so consider wardrobe choices that cover your tan lines.

-Hyping yourself up: I'm serious when I say this. Put on one of your outfits and slap on a bold lip and dance around to your favorite music in front of the mirror. Strike a few poses and practice your sexy face. I promise it will help get your ready for the big day! During your shoot, I will continue to be your personal hype girl because you deserve it!

Day before prep

-STRETCH, but not too much. During your session you will be moving around a lot and posing in ways that will make you very sore if you don't stretch, but don't stretch too much so you're not sore prematurely. Continue to drink lots of water! (Optional.) A fresh mani/pedi goes a long way and gives your photos a boost! Even a simple color done by you is fine! Shave night before of morning of (again, personal preference).

Day Of Prep

-Wake up a little bit early to give yourself time to EAT and (if you're doing your own hair and make up) more time to get ready so you're not rushing and feeling overwhelmed. Don't wear tight clothing to your shoot, like your bra and underwear for example. You can go commando if you want, whatever you need. Tight clothing will leave marks on your body and make it hard to edit out and hide with some of the outfits you bring!

- If you have any songs that really hype you up that you wanna hear during your shoot, SEND THEM TO ME. I'd love to add them to the Playlist for your shoot

-Moisturize before coming- please don’t apply lotions or oils right before you session in the studio. These products can ruin our linens, furniture, and wardrobe. If this happens, we will be including a service fee on your final payment.

-Arrive to the studio as ready as possible, make sure you have all your prep done, including you nails, for some reason this has been a huge concern lately. I know people are leery of going to a salon to get their nails done professionally, (can’t blame ya, Covid is scary), and many are opting for press on nails, which are great. Just do them before you come to the studio and assure, they are secure. Last thing you want is a nail popping off and being visible in your photos. If you have to leave set to reapply, this takes time away from your session. Just make sure they are secure before arriving!!!!

-If you are using our studio stylist for makeup and hair- Simply moisturize your face and brush your hair. Another very helpful tip, bring you current foundation makeup. This will help our artist make sure you get a perfect color match to what you prefer.

-If you are arriving makeup and hair ready- Besides lipstick, we cannot allow any other kinds of prep in the studio. Any time spent prepping your makeup, hair, or nails will be deducted from your session time. We have a tight schedule at times, and allowing extra time is not always possible.

Follow this link for our Boudoir Wardrobe Do's and Dont's

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