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Boudoir Wardrobe Do's and Dont's

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

What to Wear for a Boudoir Photo Shoot?

Not sure what to wear? We have a few suggestions. Bring a few choices, because what makes us feel sexy one day can make us feel horrible the next. I know a body-positive advocate, I should now say this like that, but let’s face it, we are human and as our moods change so does our perception.

1st on our list is a simple lace bodysuit or lingerie 1 piece. The color really doesn’t matter, be bold, be neutral, everybody type seriously looks amazing.

****Here is a link to one of our fave.

2nd- a classic bra and panty set. You can’t go wrong with this classic look.

****Check out Shein for some seriously sexy sets.

3rd- Oversized sweater, or even better you special someone’s favorite shirt or sweater.

4th- Jewelry- Yep that is right, just jewelry. With some creative placement, look like a million bucks. A classic string of pearls can do so many things.

5th- The cheapest and natural of all, Your Birthday Suit. You 100% can’t go wrong.

6th- Plain Tank Top and boy short undies. This can be the most playful.

Where do I buy these items?

While you can buy items from expensive lingerie designers we honestly love Shein and Amazon, great deals and you can return if you don’t like the item. They offer a great variety of items, just make sure to know your measurements when ordering. If you are unsure, ask us. We don’t bite. Teeheee

We also offer a small client closet, but please discuss ahead of time if you choose to use a studio piece. We have strict cleaning protocols and want to make sure the garment is clean and ready for you.

Okay, now let's talk about what not to wear.

Corsets- I know, I know, as a person that loves a good hourglass shape, it just doesn’t work in classic boudoir photography. I will be asking you to bend and flex in ways that a corset will not allow and or the corset will be flattering.

Cheap Thigh Highs- Now I know from experience, not all thigh highs are created equal. Sorry “Leg Avenue”, I am talking about you. Sausage legs are never a good look for anyone. Now “What Katie Did” or “Secrets in Lace”, are amazing.

Get these!!!

Baby Doll Lingerie- But it looks so cute!! That is right cute, not sexy! It hides all your curves and “makes all the positioning we will do a lost cause.

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