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Booking a Photo Shoot

If you have been thinking about doing a photo shoot, now is the time. DO IT!! But How?

We offer booking a couple of different ways right now.

  1. By Appointment Only: With the Covid Pandemic we went strictly to a by appointment only policy. We will keep this policy in place for weekend bookings. To Book you weekend session click that Contact Us tab, we will get back within 2 business days.

  2. Book Your Own- We will from time to time run weeknight special, or even weekend specials, which you can book directly from the web page. You pick the date and time. We plan to slowly go back to this soon for all sessions. *** Make sure to read all details about the session before booking.

Our sets are constantly changing out so please make sure to check out the “Available Sets” Tab to see what we are currently offering in studio. Once you find the set you like, please head over to our “Book a Session” tab and decide with package would work best for you.

Types of Sessions: You may see us refer to sessions as standard, deluxe of mini. I will break down what each mean so you can decide what is best for you.

  1. Standard- This is our #1 choice, with this session you will get plenty of allotted time, so we can really go over the posing basics, try fun things, discuss options. You will receive the standard 6 ct. images.

  2. Deluxe- Well it is the deluxe, you get lots of studio time blocked, outfit changes, sets changes, styling changes (when applicable), more digital edits with your session.

  3. Mini- Well it’s in the name, this is a quick session with only 30 minutes of studio time blocked. We use this for specials and for charity shoots to allow more clients to come in. You also will receive less images. (5 Ct usually)

*** More detailed explanation can be found on our “Investment” page, along with our terms and conditions. (these will be included in you invoice)

So you have requested information “When will I hear back?”- Gem City Pin Up is a small business that sprouted from a hobby, all staff work full time jobs through out the M-F work week that are not studio based, we only answer emails in the evenings and weekend. So please be patient, it could take us a few days to get back to you. We promise we didn’t forget about you. Teehee

Once we have worked out the details on all By Appointment Only sessions, we will book your session on the calendar and send a invoice to your email containing the deposit request. ***All deposits must be paid with in 48 hours, or your session will be removed from the calendar. You will receive a booking confirmation email that contains some fun info about how to prepare, parking instructions and helpful links. You will also receive a reminder email the day before your session with these same details along with our contact information, so you have it at the ready the day of.

If you are unsure about using the web page please email us directly.

****Please do not message staff personally to book or ask about sessions, these messages often get missed. By using the contact us or email us, we have the whole team able to answer. You will get replies faster.

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