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Black Light Boudoir

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

What the heck is Black Light Boudoir?

We are excited to offer something different. While things are hot in the day, keep it that way at night. Black light Boudoir is just what it sounds like, instead of sun light, bask under our UV light and glow.

Shoots will all be done after sun set, because after all, that is when the magic happens. You will arrive early evening to get all custom painted by our very own Jenna Nikole, who is a special effects artist. We will be offering two levels of paint, face and arms, or full body.

We will be offering the special rates the months of September and Oct only, after that it is back to full rate.

Special Pricing

$180 for simple body paint arms and face and 30 minutes of shoot time with 6 digital images

$220 for full body paint and 45 minutes of session time with 8 digital images

We will be supplying glow bubbles and various glow items for you to use to create your own aesthetic.

Book Your Session Now!!

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