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2nd Annual Pin Up Picnic

On Sunday, June 11th, the studio hosted its second annual pinup picnic. While scheduled to be at a beautiful local park, mother nature made herself known with a much-needed rain session, so we moved the event inside last minute.

The studio was transformed into a long row of table for all the goodies (right next to the stripper pole because no good picnic can go without a pole), Oh so much food, and so many Nom's Nom's.

We put together a fun photo booth for selfies and a quick session with our photographer Kimmi.

The whole purpose of the event is to bring others together in our community, and let me tell you this event did not disappoint. We had tons of familiar faces and lots of new ladies that quickly had our hearts. Creating community is my #1 goal, if I get to create beautiful images in the process, it is just a win-win.

I want to thank a few special people for also attending, my mentors. These gentlemen pushed me to do more with my talent than to just be in front of the camera, they showed me I could and how to be behind the camera just as well. So Huge Shout out to RP3 Photoworks, or as I call him "Parkey", and Pinup Happiness, Richard Waters. You guys support means more than you know.

Despite the weather we had a blast and looking forward to planning our summer event, so stay tuned.

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