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2022 St. Patrick's Fundraiser is HERE!!! And its going to the Dogs, well Animals.

So, with our announcement of our newest St. Patrick’s sets charity for a small rescue organization, I want to discuss something most people do not know about legalities in animal photography.

(Vintage Strength Vixen with her pups Astro and Daisy)

Did you know the use of a live animals in photography requires a license from the federal government’s USDA. This info can be found under Licensing and Registration Under the Animal Welfare Act. Different states may have different licensing and inspection requirements as well, however, even if it is just one animal, a license from the USDA is required, regardless of State requirements.

Here is a short write up form the PPAs on this exact topic.

This rule above is the reason, you can only bring your personal pet for sessions (see below for explanation). I will not photograph a borrowed animal of any kind. I know there is a huge trend with various animals being used for photography purposes, (Which is beautiful) but as a potential client, always ask if the photographer or the handlers have the proper permit. If you love animals, this is the right thing to do.

(Lindsey and her Beautiful Nope Rope Baby)

Now the loophole because everyone loves a good loophole.

****Family pets may be incorporated into photographic sessions without a license. But, the pet owner must be the person/people being photographed. There must be an established pet ownership relationship. For example: The photographer may not sell a pet to the client for the length of the session and then have the client sell the animal back. It must TRULY be the pet of the client. They cannot be rented animals, either. Basically, unless the animal is yours on a day in and day out basis, just don’t.

Additionally there is a whole list of other things that can go wrong, diseases, allergies, poop, bites, scratches and so much more!!

We just won’t do it babe!!

Now the important stuff- Model and Pet

Our annual traditional St Patrick’s fundraiser will be help starting now through March 13th (lucky 13). This year we will be raising funds for a local animal rescue (still to be determined).

Sessions will take place on our studio on our St. Patrick’s sets only.

You must book via the web page and please let us know if you are bringing your pet and give us a description of your pet. (Large Dog, Cat, Snake, Fish-LOL).

-30 Minutes of set time

-1 on 1 posing

-5 to 6 Digital Images in a private gallery

-1 Pet Max allowed for each client, if you want to use 2, you must book two sessions.

- If you have any questions, please email or contact us first before booking.


Deluxe- With the works, let us make you look lucky

Come Ready- You show up ready for action

(Me and my Baby Boy Hank, who now weights 150lbs)

If you are bringing a pet, make sure you have a leash, harness, or carrier. You must be able to control the animal throughout the time in the studio, bring a friend to help. (We will make sure to allow plenty of time between shoots so no pets cross paths at the same time).

We will be sanitizing the set between each client for Covid and for the safety of each pet.

Bring your pets favorite treats or toy, what ever motivates them to perk up. This will help get the best results.

(Greta Grenadine and her adorable Spike)

More important stuff- Pet Only

“Okay, Okay- This is all fine and dandy lady, but I don’t want to be photographed, but my pet really needs photos.”

YEP we will be doing just pet portraits to. Contact us for rates and to book a session. Please include the type of pet you would like photographed.

AGAIN THIS IS FOR CHARITY!! Last year GCPU raised over $2k for various organizations through out the year. This year, our goal is beat that!! Help us help other.

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