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Why I Should Be Your Photographer

Do you like to have fun, do you like to laugh, do you like making new friends? Well, I am your girl.

As a photographer, I love to learn about you and use that to help create the best portraits, bring out the best in you.

My personal motto is “Come as “Client” leave as a Friend”. Having photos done is such a personal thing and can be downright scary for some. (Confession, I still get nervous having my photos done). Me and the whole GCPU family will make sure you fit right in. We have years of experience in front of the camera as well as plenty of time running the show behind the camera, not just at Gem City Pin Up, but at local salons.

(This is me as a Blond, the statement is a lie, I am now a red head and having more fun than ever. LOL)

Although I may resemble a bridge troll when you come to shoot with me (yes, I look homeless when I photograph, and forget about me wearing shoes, it’s not gonna happen), I have years of modeling under my belt. I have competed in pinup contest all around and now help to run and host them for local events. I am an advocate for the classic pinup style and love to put my own twist on classic concepts. Nothing in the pinup genre is original, as it has all been done before, but making it unique and fun is my goal.

Enough about Pinup, lets talk Boudoir. GET YOUR SEXY ON!! I love Boudoir so freaking much, the empowerment I see clients have after a shoot is like a drug to me. Seeing a person walk away with their head held high, shoulders back with a big old smile make my heart complete. Plus, the after boudoir glow makes for a great date night.

As a body positive advocate, I can honestly say I love all body shapes, sizes, colors, and uniqueness. WORK IT GIRL!! I’ve been all sizes of the chart myself, so I can relate. The Covid 19 (50, who am I kidding) got me feeling some kind of way right now. Teeeheee

The studio is never dull, when I photograph, I speak what I feel, you will hear tons of “YAS GIRL” followed by my happy dance. That is a sign we got that golden image. I’m a fouled mouth, shooting (Camera that is), kinda lady. LOL. I seriously should come with a warning label. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

I am accepting new friends right now. Message us to schedule your session now.

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