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When You "Wish" upon a Star

Well okay when we wish upon an Amazon wish list. Teeeheee.

Be prepared for a super tacky borderline desperate Blog ahead, but I have zero shame in my game anymore.

As the studio continues to grow so do the dizzying expenses which kills all the wants and desires budget. Pinup is expensive, Y’all!!!!

So…..In true tacky fashion I have created a wish list for wardrobe, props and items we would love to have around the studio. This list is ever evolving and will stay updated new wants added as we need items.

What’s on the wish list? Well, lots of wardrobe wants, because having the perfect outfit for sets that are ever changing can add up quick. Studio props and set pieces- The cost of constant change over is high, as you can guess.

So how can you help us out with our wish list?

Ladies- Coming in for a shoot and want extra photos? Well buy something off our wish list and show proof that you bought it (Item must be shipped to us direct) and you will receive the value of the item in extra photos for your shoot.

Gentlemen- Buy something of value of over $50 and receive an exclusive image of one of our models wearing, using the prop or studio piece you gifted. (Again, you must show proof that you gifted the item). This exclusive image will be emailed directly to you email of choice with in 30 days of receipt of the item. ****Please note, we will not accommodate or do anything that is out of the realm of our comfort zone. Sorry if you are helping to get your jolly’s off, move along. We are not Only Fans.

Want to help, well here is the link to our wish list.

Sincerely you humbled and borderline ashamed Photographer Friend,

Kimmi Lynn

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