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What Happening for this Spring!!! 🌼🌸🌻🌹

We are working hard to pull together a new amazing set that will be the envy of every 1950's girl. Our new pinup set should be ready by May.

We will be keeping the Garage girl set for the summer season!!

Let's talk about out Boudoir madness. We are hosting the special deluxe rates through April only. After that our Boudie rates will be on the rise with our temperature. So get your self booked by the end of April for these deals.

Upcoming deals:

April 17th- BBQ set with guest photographer Lathia Midnight $45

Month of April- $70 weeknight only seamless minis.

May- Black Light Boudoir starts at $180 including body paint by our very own Jenna.

Oh, and Swag!!!!! We have the goods. Make sure to pick up your tote or mug now.

Message us to book now.



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