Photography Pricing and Packages Explanations. Show Me the Money!!!

Today we am going to talk about how we determine to price for our services. We will get a lot of flack from other fellow photographers for this but I think being open and honest is part of why we continue to grow as a small business.

Have you ever looked at a photographer's prices and thought, holy cow, that is expensive!! $$$$$$$

We are going to break it down in as a plain way as possible to help you understand more as the client.

That “expensive cost” stems from a couple of things. Overhead, equipment, cost of permits, marketing, and self-payment. (secret, I have personally not made a dime in 3+ years, we invest right back in to continue to grow)

1st up- Overhead. This is simply the cost of doing business, rent, utilities, location cost, studio supplies, set builds, wardrobe purchases. This is where 90% of our income goes to.