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Miss Fuel and Fire on the Hill 2021 Pin Up Contest

This past weekend we traveled to the beautiful state of Pennsylvania to attend a charity car show and pinup contest. The show was hosted to raise funds for the local Adah volunteer fire department. I’m always a sucker for a good charity car show especially for first responders.

The show was held in the scenic hills of PA on a beautiful property, but I now know where the “On the Hill” portion of the name comes from (my legs are still killing me from walking) The property was filled with amazing show vehicles from rat rods to brand new Corvettes. Literally, Something for everyone. We had the pleasure of meeting so many amazing people and hearing about their vehicles, the builds and history. (I might love history a little to much).

The event also feature two amazing Rockabilly bands that had the whole hill hoping the whole day.

The Main Event, The Pin Up Contest, well at least for me that was the main event. I was humbled by being asked to sit on a panel of amazing judges for the contest. Trust me, my fellow judges and I had a hard job. So many amazing ladies came to show support for the Adah Fire Dept and to compete in the Miss Fuel and Fire pinup contest.

The contest had 11 amazing contestants, some I had the pleasure of meeting before hand, I missed a few ladies on my rounds (Sorry, I promise Ill get to you next year, cause we are so coming back). The contest got started a little early due to incoming weather, which was a great idea, as we hit some rain on the way back home. This lighthearted fun contest show cased the contestant’s personality, look and over all presentation. (Judging was so hard; they all did amazing). As an old retired hag of a pinup, this contest reminded me of my good years, before some contest got to stuffy and overly complicated. It truly embraced the spirit of showing up, having fun and getting to know one another. This made my withered black heart happy.

Huge Congrats to Runner Up Miss Jackson (yep I sang the song myself, its okay) and the 2021 Miss Fuel and Fire Ms Emma Gee.

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