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Inside The Pin-Up Closet: What to Get for Your Photo Shoot

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

So, you have finally decided to take the big leap and do a pinup photo shoot. But what do I wear?

Today I am going to give you a few tips and tricks to help you pick your wardrobe.

First, decide your style!! Do you want to do a more 40’s (A-line dress) 50’s (Circle Dresses with Petticoat) or a more early 60’s (classic wiggle dress) style? Or be daring and do vintage lingerie.

1940’s Style- Clothing was simple in this era, long A-line dresses and skirts, sensible shoes with classic undergarments. Below pictured are examples.

1950’s style- This is the most fun era in my opinion, with big petticoats, and fun colors. Dresses were fitted tops and full circle skirt bottoms. Make sure to check out our blog on Petti Coats.

1960’s style- We all have seen Mad Men; this early era was full of form-fitting wiggle dresses. Paired with a sexy pair of heels.

Now let’s talk vintage lingerie styles.

Stockings- The classic seamed stocking will never fail you. As all classics evolve, the modern take on these now gives us more color options. Not only do we recommend, we also stock What Katie did stockings in the studio boutique. I can’t sing the praises enough about these stockings.

Garter Belts- This is a staple piece all pinups should have. Don’t buy one of the cheap fashion styles, get the real deal six straps or more bad boy that will hold your stockings up all day and not roll down. (Guess what, we also stock these in the Boutique)

Shapewear- A good old fashion girdle for the win. These come in both full body (bra built-in) or waist length. Most of the vintage-style girdles have the garter straps attached, so its like a 2 on 1 special. Our Recommendation is a Classic Rago (as pictured).

“Okay, okay, I get that you are telling me what I need, but where do I get it?”

1st- US- Teeeheee. We are now carrying some amazing staples in our boutique from dresses, handbags, lingerie, and accessories.

2nd- Unique Vintage- All I have to do is think about heading to the web page and my bank account hates me. So many great styles.

3rd- Collectiff- This can be a little more pricy, but the styles are amazing.

4th-Posh Mark- yep, you can find some amazing pieces for a steal.

5th- Amazon- Basically if you cant find a form of what you want on Amazon, it probably doesn’t exist.

If you are booking a session with us, you are always welcome to use our large studio wardrobe.

Speaking of Booking, we are now booking Halloween. Head over and schedule your session now. Click Here!!

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