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I F*cking Love What I Do

I'm so very thankful every day that I get to share my passion for what I do with you the reader and others around me.

But what honestly makes what I do so fulfilling, cause its not the money, trust me on that. (But I am not complaining). It is getting the front row seat to a total glow up of amazing human beings, weekend after weekend. Having that person step through the doors for the first time, scared, timid and just downright unsure of themselves. To seeing them step out of the comfort zone to try new things, and gaining the confidence that they are a "Bad Bitch" when walking out of the studio. (If you know, you know)

I pride myself and my brand for being more than just a "Photostudio", but a safe place to learn about yourself. Be it teaching makeup application, hair cheats, life hacks, or just being there to lend a listening ear, GCPU and Gem City Boudoir is so much more than just taking photos. We love to create memories along the way. (We have plenty of stories and laughs with every one of our friends/clients).

Please share a comment about your favorite moment/experience with us!!!

To Quote one of my Favorite songs. GODDESS - Jaira Burns (Click song title to hear the full song)

'Cause I'm a goddess

I'm fuckin' flawless

Let's not be modest

'Cause if you fuck with me, I might just change your life

'Cause I'm a goddess

Are you ready to experience the GCPU experience.

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