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Hot Rods and Honey's

Hot Rods

So, as we start 2023, I can truly say I am so ready for car show season. So many amazing events that we attend every year that 100% should be on your Calendar!! (Don’t worry I’m going to get to the Honeys part here real soon)

January: Cavalcade of Customs in Cincinnati

February: Powerama Custom Auto Show in Xenia Ohio

March: Piston Power Auto-Rama Cleveland Ohio

May: Beatersville Car Show- Louisville KY

July: White Walls Car Show in Fairborn OH

August: Outlaws Car Show in Dayton, OH

October: LoDown HoDown in Huber Heights, OH

Okay so now that is out of the way, lets talk about the Honey’s.

Ladies if you are attending any Pinup Contest at the above events, make sure to check out our blogs for pinup contest help.


One of my favorite parts about attending the above-listed events is I get to meet up with my fellow pinup friends and make new ones. Which always works to my advantage for a quick photo op.

*** Please note, I attend these events personally and not for business purposes, so if I do decide to photograph great, if I don’t great. I’ve been approached at events by ladies asking me to go take their photos. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS IF YOU SEE ME!!!

Now, why do pinups and hot rods work so well together? Simple both are unique pieces of art!! What do you do with multiple pieces of art, well you curate them together (You know those fancy art museums), But my version of curating is to match a beautiful lady with a beautiful car and make magic happen?

***If you own a beautiful ride we are always looking to set up unique shoots with one of our hand-picked models. EMAIL ME:

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