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The After Photo Shoot Process

So, you took the plunge and booked the shoot and did the damn thing. The hardest part is complete right!! Nope.

Now it’s the waiting game to get your photos back. GCPU and GCB offer a turnaround time of 3 weeks for your images. We have been asked, why does it take so long? The short answer is we are busy, we have lots of clients weekend after weekend. (We are not complaining, trust me, I want to see more of you out there that have been lurking) We always edit in the order sessions were done, unless it is a promo session, or if you the client paid the rush fee (ask about this at the time of your booking if you have a deadline).

What all goes into editing?

Time, lots of time. In your 30 minutes session time, I can snap anywhere from 40 images to 100 images. And I must narrow it down to just 5-6 images. When picking images, we use a simple method, picking which image looks the best out of the set of images of a selected pose. This process is the hardest to be 100% honest because in general, all the photos look so damn good. But our goal is to give our clients the best and best overall presentation of poses on every set.

Editing takes time, we do not do batch edits and just add a filter, we do all retouching one image at a time, a simple edit can take up to 20 minutes, a more detailed edit can take up to 3 hours (composite work, or lots of body sculpting at the client's request).

What all is included in our standard editing on images?

  • Light and Color Corrections as needed. Lighting conditions change constantly in the studio or on location, so we adjust all images to look the same consistently.

  • Skin retouching, we will remove any noticeable skin blemishes (accept birthmarks unless requested, cause baby you were born that way.), once blemishes are removed we use a light airbrush effect over the exposed skin area.

  • Lite body adjustments, no we will not make you 4 sizes smaller, but if see a bump, lump, or unwanted line, we will take care of this in post-processing. We are a body-positive brand, so extremes are not our preferred style. (We can offer extreme body manipulation upon request, but please discuss this ahead of your session to find out rates).

  • Cropping, pinup we crop all images to standard magazine size with margins to spare for publication. Boudoir, we use the full-frame, because you’re a goddess and we need to see every bit of you.

  • Gallery Presentation, we host all galleries on a private platform, in which we provide a private link to each client to download and view their images. All Images are hosted for 60 days before the gallery link expires. After 60 days but no more than a year, a small fee may be requested to re-upload images. After 1 year all images are deleted (we couldn’t possibly keep all the images we take, I’d live in a house will hard drives surrounding me. LOL)

You Got Your Gallery Now What?

1. OMG you love the images and must share them!! This is for pinup, hold up, did you want to use the images to get published? Some publications will not accept images that have been shared on social media (most are relaxing on this in the modern social media world). If you plan to get published and the publication is okay with it, girl do the damn thing. Post those bad boys up, but don’t share all at one time. If you have a model page, sharing a few images at a time will help create more likes and followers. Just a small tip. (See our blog on being a published model)

2. OMG, I don’t know how I feel about these images, not sure if I like them. Short answer, you’re not always going to love your images, it happens. Models /Clients have off days (trust me I know from my own experiences), but I bet the images are not as bad as you think. We often pose the worst criticism on ourselves, (again I know from experience). This is where I will tell you, take one of the images and post it to your social media and watch the positive reactions you get. Sometimes affirmations from those that love and care about us are all it takes to overcome our inner voices.

*****Personal experience storytime. Back (many moons ago) in my modeling days did a session and was not 100% in love with the images, I nit-picked them and all my flaws, but I shared one image, and wouldn’t you know that images when semi-viral (as viral as a girl from Dayton can get 10 years ago), I had love from all over the world coming my way. Fast forward a few years, and that session is one of my favorites to date, I no longer look at the images the same way, I remember the experience and love that was expressed.

3. Book Your Next Session- Seriously, this is not a sales pitch. Book that next session to keep that motivation train rolling, the more you do the better each session will get, and the more confident you will be in front of the camera and in your day-to-day life. This is a horrible example, but it is the truest way I can explain pinup. Pinup is like a legalized non-body harming drug. It’s addictive, lets you be free, and leaves you wanting more. Trust me I went from being a Pinup addict to being the Pinup Drug Dealer. LOL.

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