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The Nurse- Inside the Halloween Shoot

Gem City Pin Up Studios and Saucy Aussie teamed up to create an epic vision come to life.

Our sexy spin on the classic Silent Hill Nurse character.

Right away we knew we had to bring in our amazing makeup artist Jenna to lay down the makeup magic that she does so well. Jenna completed the look using multiple types of mediums, from cosmetics, airbrush, gauze, and all the cool stuff.

Jenna also worked with the stunning Saucy Aussie with costuming, creating the perfect tattered stained wardrobe and shoes. The costume was tea stained and the beautiful white shoes were destroyed in the name of art.

We did the shoot in the basement of the warehouse where our studios are located it. The atmosphere was perfect, scary, dark, damp, and dirty (the way we like it). The shoot was purposely lit in a cinematic style to create a movie-like feel. Model Saucy Aussie contorted into many scary poses, crawling on the floor, yielding a sharp sword and crowbar. (No on-lookers dared to approach the shoot, they observed from afar, but who can blame them).

This session was featured in the August issue of Twisted Pulp magazine Cover alongside an amazing story written by Thomas Malafrina called “The Nurse” that complemented the images so perfectly.

(You can get your copy on Amazon, free digital download, or better yet buy a print copy)

We are always looking to creatively collaborate with Model and Publications!! If you have a creative idea or concept, we would love to make that vision come to life.


Kimmi Lynn and the GCPU Studio Staff

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