Cemetery Photo Shoot Common Sense

So, it is the spooky season and more people are visiting their local cemeteries to do semi disrespectful things. (Raises hand, I’m guilty, so I am writing from a place of self-guilt and also knowing I will be going back to commit the crime again.) But there are just certain “No, No’s” that shall not be committed.

While some find the act of going to a cemetery to do a shoot as spooky and artsy, let’s face it, it is really just a huge cliché’, one which I am Hella guilty of. I don’t find it spooky or artsy, but calming and beautiful. You can honestly find me doing shoots in a cemetery year-round. I honestly avoid the area this time of year, due to the saturation. Let the dead rest. LOL

Please note, these are my personal reflections, but they are also common sense.