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Well what is cheesecake pinup. You can find several definitions online, but in the modern terms of today, defined by me, it is simple through back to classic pinup art.

The origins of the name Cheesecake pinup is believed to be coined from “a New York news photographer who once asked a woman to lift her skirt ever so slightly to make a better picture. The beautiful woman complied. When the editor, something of a gourmet, saw the picture on his desk, he exclaimed ‘Why, this is better than cheesecake!'” Source

How to Create Simple Cheesecake, which is my passion and life's work.

Step 1. Pick a solid color background.

Step 2.Pick props to create a theme.

Step 3. Sling some amazing hair, make up, and wardrobe on top and perfection is made.

Step 4. Lighting, Lighting and more studio lighting


Gem City Pin Ups vision on this style is always kept simple, while we offer complex and ornate sets, sometimes it feels like the set overpowers the beautiful ladies. Just being honest here. Sometime the the KISS method works best (Keep It Stupid Simple).

The Power of a solid color back drop

A solid color back drop just keeps everything so uniform and classic. With the many choices we offer in studio (over 20 options) we sure can find the perfect color to match your idea. A solid color has many benefits from allowing the model to move more, you know that S-line pose we all love. It also allows for endless editing options to create something super fun. AGAIN, WE ADORE SOLID COLORS.

The Power of Props

Look props make or break a theme, no doubt. But sometimes it can get overwhelming. To many options are a thing, who knew. By picking a simple them with 1 or two supporting props, Magic happens. The model is the main focus and the story is told by the props.

You want to portray a malt shop, just add a milk shake.

You want to show a holiday, lets say Thanksgiving, add a turkey.

The Power of Wardrobe, Makeup and Hair!!

You can tell the story and them just in the wardrobe choice with out using props. The wardrobe is the prop.

The power of Photography Lighting

Lighting can be the game changer; it can create a mood. This is my personal favorite aspect. I love to play with light.

Okay, But How do I decide on a Theme

Research- Look to the past, yep, google pinup art find something that inspires you and build off of that. You don't have to replicate, but if you do it's honestly okay. Trust me nothing is original in the pinup genre.

Plan- Gather fun unique props to bring your vision to life (we have tons in the studio to help). (Follow our, Pinup Photo shoot planner blog for more details)

Do the Damn Thing- Reach out to us to discuss your theme and plan a shoot.

The only thing better than Cheesecake Pinup is Cheesecake while doing cheesecake pinup. Hint, Hint, I like a good cheesecake.

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