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I am so excited about our new neon set. This set was created selfishly by myself because I always wanted a space like this as my bedroom. The best part is I get to share this space with you, my clients.

We started the build right after the Holidays, the idea was spurred by my realizing that I had a huge wasted space area that was “Too Dark” for standard Boudoir sessions, plus I have been obsessed with night-style boudoir.

Set Build was all in-house, with the help of my whole family. We put the wall boards up and painted, my amazing daughter helped with this and we were done with it in 1 evening.

The Glow Bed, I had an old simple platform bed frame from when I first started the boudoir. So why not put some amazing lights on it? They change color and dance to the music Ya’ll.

The Neon Signs, okay so I had a few of these already, and bought a few that I loved and will use personally after this set retires, but my obsession with the XXX sign was so real. I could not find one in the size and style I liked that was not $600, so your girl made the damn thing. Thank You Amazon for having the most off-the-wall stuff. 2 sets of Neon rope lights, 4 pieces of office wall hanging metal frames, 100 zip ties, and 50 yards of black tape later, I created my master piece. I’m not a crafty person in the least, but I'm proud of it. It seriously was the cherry on top.

Now, let's talk about my 12ft of spinning chrome goodness……. Okay so I have secretly wanted a pole for a long time and this set was the perfect excuse to get one. I can’t even do a basic dip spin, but a fat girl is gonna learn her something. Finding a 12ft pole is not an easy task, but after deep diving into the depths of the internet, I found the perfect one. I didn’t want a cheap piece that someone would get hurt on, so I might have splurged a little, but dammit, I have a pole.

So do you wanna come to play in my Neon Room? Send us an email for booking, we will not be booking online for this set, as it will be limited availability. The set must be shot in the evening, after sunset for the best look. This set will be available through April.

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