Concept Shoot Opportunities

We are working on a special project and we need you, our clients to help. You may be asking how can I help?

Well… this is simple. Below are a few concepts we want to shoot along with the details on what will be required for the session. All sessions will be provided at no cost, but………if you choose to do the session and we pick you will be required to sign a photo release that states you understand images will be used publicly and for promotional use.

Please note, all photo used do not represent the exact concept. They are just used to make this look pretty. Teeheee

Option #1- Beach Bathing Beauty- Model will need to be size medium (we will provide the wardrobe). Wardrobe will be in a 2-piece vintage style swimsuit. Other requirements, model must be able to come pinup make up ready for the session. Hair styling will be provided the day of. (Want to complete shoot in early July, must be a weeknight)

Option #2- Oh Bettie- We are wanting to recreate a classic Bettie page look. Model size can vary, but you must provide your own Bettie page inspired black vintage style lingerie. ( we will discuss wardrobe choices). Model must arrive pinup Make Up ready, Hair styling or wig will be provided if needed. (Wanting to do the shoot in July, must be a weeknight)

Option #3- Hot Rod Honey-(BOOKED) We are looking to arrange a beautiful model and a beautiful ride for a glamorous photo shoot. Wardrobe will be a formal 30’s style, this can be discussed with model of our choice. Location will be on location somewhere in the Dayton Cincinnati area. (Shoot date TBD) We are also looking for a 1930-1940's ride for this shoot.

Option #4- Couples Boudoir- (BOOKED) Okay so this one will be a little risqué, while we have lingerie for sizes small to XL. Model having there own is a huge plus. Female Model will need to be modern makeup ready. (This will be shoot in August) (BOOKED)

Option #5- Night Boudoir-(BOOKED) Yes I want to play with night time boudoir a little more. Model is welcome to use client wardrobe, but having your own lingerie is best. (please see our What to Wear for Boudoir Blog). Model and I will discuss ahead of time. Model must come makeup ready. (This will be shoot in July, on a weeknight and will not be done on our sets we have available, I will custom build something for a one off set). ( I might do a couple of these). (BOOKED)

Option #6- Traveling Dame- (BOOKED)Simple luggage set up. Model can choose from our wardrobe. Model must arrive makeup and hair ready.

Option #7- A little trashy with a whole lot of classy. (BOOKED) Model must be a size small to medium (we will provide, lingerie style wardrobe). Model must arrive make up ready, hair styling will be provided (special look will be happening with hair, so models with longer hair only). I want to shoot this with in the next 2 weeks, so please get a hold of me asap.

Don’t see an idea listed above, but you have a bad ass location, or concept, reach out and share with us. I promise, we if we pass, we will not steal any one’s concepts or ideas.

All sessions will be planned of time and will be put on the studio schedule. We will try to accommodate schedules, but again, this is a project for us. So, we will not go to far off of scope to accommodate. If you are chosen, you must arrive on time to your appointment, 10 minutes late and I am packing up and leaving. Timeliness is my number 1 peeve. LOL.

All participants will be guaranteed 2 digital edits from their session. If they would like more, we can discuss a super cheap rate. I just need 2 images for promotion.

How to do I try to model for you? Reach out via contact tab. Make sure to include which option you are interested in and make sure you can meet all the model requirements and any details you can on wardrobe or style you might have for your chosen option. Please only reach out about one concept.

While we expect lots of interest, we will reach out if we choose you and work out all details.



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